Gift giving

2015-11-28 17.40.30 - CopyGCW speaks of gifts

This season you bless each other so sweetly with your loving presence, the heady evergreen scents you bring into your homes, your thoughtful gifts, the special food. When your gift is freely and lovingly given, when nothing is expected in return, when heart to heart regard is exchanged, all are truly blessed – both giver and receiver.

When giving a gift becomes or feels like an obligation, a duty, when your mind is involved and injects worry, doubt, fear, aggravation, frustrations, upset, unhappiness, give it up! Let that ritual go if it is giving you a bad feeling. It is no longer serving you!

Create and invent your own rituals and start new traditions that make you happy! Don’t read the glossy newspaper ads to find out what makes you happy! It is not your job to single-handedly support the entire economy of this nation through your holiday shopping! Tune into your heart! Your one heart is wiser than a university full of big brains!

Do what makes you smile this season! Do what lights you up! Do what brings you joy!

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