Your beloved pets

2015-12-05 15.22.09

GCW speaks of your beloved pets

You have invited creatures of the air, water, and earth to share your lives. And they have accepted and adapted themselves to you and your expectations.

You bond with nature through your beloved pets and through them to the larger web of reality in which you exist. Watch and observe your representatives of the web of nature with an open heart. Let them teach you without words, without agenda, without guile. Open yourself to their language of feeling and form, body language, spontaneity, complete rest, boundless energy, delightful playfulness, loving touch, expansion and contraction, life and death.2015-12-05 15.22.28

Learn from them. Let them remind you what it is to be an animal, to live in the ever present now, to fully inhabit the body, to revel in the senses, to delight in the light and warmth of a sunbeam on the floor, to play with delight and abandon for no reason! To be happy without a big brain and to live with heart by instinct.

My dears, please remember, your beloved pets are with you in spirit, even after death. Do not grieve for them, listen for them, feel for their familiar energy, for it is near.

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