GCW speaks of curses

2015-10-22 09.41.02

What is a curse, but a blanket of energy that holds you down, originated by angry ugly feelings that become words, and kept alive through belief and repetition.

Know this: Your words have power. The power to harm, the power to heal. You have more power in this world than you can ever imagine!

Do you choose to harm others or heal? If you choose to harm, I ask you before you set anything in motion, to look in the mirror. Look at yourself in the eye and for once, be truthful with yourself. The ugly words that flow from your lips harm you first and most. For you are an integral element of the web in which all things are one.

Cursing others is cursing yourself. Polluting the land is polluting your personal environment. Hurting others physically ends up hurting you. There is no escape from this immutable truth. If you wish to hurt, it is a cry for your own healing, for wholeness, for clearing of your own clouds.

The spark of divine light is within you, only obscured temporarily by clouds, like stormy weather obscures the blue sky. You are not your angry words, you are divine light.

Make this your daily practice: Allow yourself to become the light that you are, and allow your light to illuminate our world.

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