The joy of song

I celebrate your amazing voices, lifted together in song.

2015-07-04 10.17.09 (480x640)

Singing red-winged blackbird

You create a powerful uplifting current of sound energy that envelopes and permeates all. It heals and clarifies and brings those who hear closer to the powerful knowing of the oneness of all things.

I, a magnificent cottonwood do not hear, but I feel the waves of sound, I sense their harmony or disharmony. I sense the presence of the highest energies rising on the tidal wave of your joined voices. I feel them in my roots, trunk and crown.  All that is extraneous falls away before your joyful harmonious tones produced with love.

Sing from the deep heart of your being. Let your voice be heard! Let the vibration of love you express be transmitted to the web of all things to set it singing with joy.

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