Summer storm

Thunder in the air – rolling waves of sound felt by all living things.

2016-05-19 10.23.59 (640x480)

Summer clouds rolling in

Those with eyes and those without sense lightning arc across the sizzling sky. Even the tiniest vibrations of sound and light energy reach my roots as they ripple through the earth, cleansing all in their path.

The deafening sound, flashes of light, rain, and wind of a summer storm roll through clearing the air, washing the land, every leaf on my crown, every blade of grass in the woods and meadow. I quicken to the vibration of thunder, the fiery lighting that seeks the earth, often through my cottonwood kin.

Bring it on! It is the power of our amazing earth’s atmosphere, visible and audible and palpable. I thrill to the storms that sweep across this valley and set my crown shimmering and dancing to the vibrations of thunder and the rising wind.

I feel in my roots and crown the stillness before the storm, the sudden crashes of lightning. The jagged daggers arcing through the air, charging it with healing power and clearing all nonsense, all fog, all dust, all that is ready to be released.

Can you sense when a storm is brewing? Can you feel it in your body? You have experienced this powerful unfolding drama in every lifetime you’ve ever lived. The ancient thrill of thunder from before time began – the memory lies deep within your cells.

The storm obliterates the excess, leaving us fresh, clear, and sparkling, ready for what is to come. Bringing clarity.

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