Rediscover Your Inner Child

Just be, for a moment or an hour, like a child without a care, living in grace, enjoying all that life has to offer your senses and your heart.

Lie on the earth, soaking in her familiar healing energy. See the petals fall like snow flakes from spent wildflowers. Look up into the layered treetops. Above and beyond them the circling birds of prey riding the updrafts.

Watch the clouds drift and shift and assume fanciful shapes, then morph into something new. Watch the treetops sway and dance, hear the leaves whisper, watch the dappled shade dance across the green grass, tiny colorful birds visiting, feeding, bathing, taking flight.

In this moment you judge nothing; you fear nothing. You have no worries, no doubts, no distractions, no need to hurry. You exist in the divine grace of this moment and the next and the next.

For this moment you have no agenda. You soak in life, absorb the vibrations of nature, understanding your oneness with All- That- Is. For this moment, this hour, your being has no need of words.

Let yourself relax into this pure silence and pure grace of this moment, merging with all that is.

In this way you rediscover the heart of your inner child.

You can weather any storm

Cut through the clutter and chatter; penetrate the clouds and debris of your life, physical, mental, emotional for your health and well-being.


Sunshine through thick clouds

Just as your home and surroundings benefit from a clearing and cleaning, so does your energy atmosphere. It might seem impossible to let go of stale old emotions left over from the past, holding you prisoner. You can release them and move forward with new lightness of being.

To do this takes courage self compassion and commitment to your well-being. Get help if you need it as you access, feel and give compassionate attention to the feelings that arise in you.

These feelings are energy.   You will feel them in your body,  feel them moving. Some of them may feel overpowering, like a thunder storm rolling through. Do not fear, dear ones every storm passes in time. Gather your courage and stay with it. Persevere.

Stay with the emotion, become a compassionate observer as it rises, floods, crests and dissipates. Feel its presence in your body without judgment. Allow it to be as it is and in time it will shift and change and lighten as you cease resistance. After a storm all the earth is cleansed, refreshed and ready to grow!

Know this! You are strong, powerful, capable. You can weather any storm. You can heal.

The true heart of nature

Open your eyes and hearts to the myriad creatures who dwell here in perfect harmony with you here on our sweet green planet. Yes, I’ve mentioned this before, but…. have you done it yet?  Then I must repeat myself…

Do you see your fellow earth dwellers as you rush here and there in your cars as if you were on a racetrack? Do you live in your head, ignoring the magnificence of nature as you drive on autopilot? Are you trapped in thoughts of the past or future…shoulda… coulda… woulda…?

Do you see the soaring hawk, the amazing cloud formations, the sparkling creek, the interwoven tree branches like writing on the sky? Do you see the doe and her fawn at dusk, the bright red cardinal sitting like a king at the tree top and singing his heart out?


Winter clouds

You can see and know this beauty and more besides, because you are made of the same stuff.  You belong here.

Can you park your car and walk along the forest path? Can you take some time to sit at the base of a gorgeous tree as you breath in and out and attune yourself to her energy? Can you feel the gentle loving aura, the healing and soothing energy of the natural world that is your gift as a child of this planet?


Geese swimming in creek

Do not squander your precious birthright by living in your head and rushing here and there, never slowing or stopping to connect with the true heart of nature. When you connect with the true heart of nature, you will find yourself.

Healing fear

We (nature and tree spirits) are the observers. We observe by sensing your energy without judgment. We feel when you are anxious, when you are sad or grieving. We feel your joy, your buoyancy, and delight. We also feel your fear.


Heavy clouds in late summer


When many of you feel and tap into a widespread fear vibration, it chokes off your connection to the earth energy and heavenly light energy that sustains life. It affects all living things around you; it hurts you.

Collective fear damages the web of all things. It creates an ugly rift in the beautiful patterns that are meant to be. It can hollow you out.

Get to know your personal fear. Does it come from outside or inside of you? Where do you feel it in your body? What sensations are created in your body?

Have others planted this fear in you for their own agenda? Does it resonate with your existing worries and those of your family?  Do your thoughts and beliefs support this fear? Are they true?  Examine them!

Slowly begin to shift to more loving peaceful thoughts and beliefs, more supportive of the harmonious life you wish to live.  Find the tiniest threads each day of gratitude, of satisfaction, of  contentment and follow them back to the calm at your center.

As you shift from fear to peace you reweave the web of all things. Those around you will feel the shift to a more peaceful vibration as well.

Dissolve into all that is

It is peak high summer. Everything is alive and growing! Take time to allow yourself to be one with the sky – the blue dome, the trees, the grasses, the solid earth.

DSCN3175 (640x480)

Summer sky

Even for a few minutes, know and feel yourself as energy, as a shifting almost fluid being. Allow the awareness of yourself to dissolve into all that is. In this way you will feel one and become one with the entire universe.

Your ego won’t like this much! Give it a little treat and send it to rest somewhere close by under a shady tree.

When you learn to dissolve and re-form, you learn that you are in everything and everything is in you.  And by everything, I mean All That Is.

When you know this in every cell of your body – every particle of energy that makes you up – you will never feel separate again.

Summer storm

Thunder in the air – rolling waves of sound felt by all living things.

2016-05-19 10.23.59 (640x480)

Summer clouds rolling in

Those with eyes and those without sense lightning arc across the sizzling sky. Even the tiniest vibrations of sound and light energy reach my roots as they ripple through the earth, cleansing all in their path.

The deafening sound, flashes of light, rain, and wind of a summer storm roll through clearing the air, washing the land, every leaf on my crown, every blade of grass in the woods and meadow. I quicken to the vibration of thunder, the fiery lighting that seeks the earth, often through my cottonwood kin.

Bring it on! It is the power of our amazing earth’s atmosphere, visible and audible and palpable. I thrill to the storms that sweep across this valley and set my crown shimmering and dancing to the vibrations of thunder and the rising wind.

I feel in my roots and crown the stillness before the storm, the sudden crashes of lightning. The jagged daggers arcing through the air, charging it with healing power and clearing all nonsense, all fog, all dust, all that is ready to be released.

Can you sense when a storm is brewing? Can you feel it in your body? You have experienced this powerful unfolding drama in every lifetime you’ve ever lived. The ancient thrill of thunder from before time began – the memory lies deep within your cells.

The storm obliterates the excess, leaving us fresh, clear, and sparkling, ready for what is to come. Bringing clarity.