Dissolve into all that is

It is peak high summer. Everything is alive and growing! Take time to allow yourself to be one with the sky – the blue dome, the trees, the grasses, the solid earth.

DSCN3175 (640x480)

Summer sky

Even for a few minutes, know and feel yourself as energy, as a shifting almost fluid being. Allow the awareness of yourself to dissolve into all that is. In this way you will feel one and become one with the entire universe.

Your ego won’t like this much! Give it a little treat and send it to rest somewhere close by under a shady tree.

When you learn to dissolve and re-form, you learn that you are in everything and everything is in you.  And by everything, I mean All That Is.

When you know this in every cell of your body – every particle of energy that makes you up – you will never feel separate again.

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