Hot weather and harmony

Do you say “I hate this weather!”? Do you curse everything outside your refrigerated homes? If so, you are rejecting the magnificent earth that is your dwelling place and creating disharmony.

DSCN3172 (640x480)

A change in the weather

Do you become quiet and study her cycles of heat, cool, rain and dry? It is vital that humans pay attention to the minute changes  and learn to live in harmony with our earth.

Rejection is not harmony. Fighting against is not harmony. Fearing is not harmony. Creating an enemy is not harmony.

Dissonant vibrations are created by skewed thinking, then move from person to person, then move into your larger world. These vibrations are unhealthy and hurt all they touch. They create unsettled unpleasant feelings that tear at the web of all that is.

You do not feel good in the presence of this dissonance, yet you continue to create it.

Is it so familiar to you that the harmony of acceptance, kindness, compassion, and well being feel strange and threatening to you? I tell you that as an infant, you too were alive with the harmonies, chords, and tones of love. You were in harmony with others, co-creating an amazing composition of exquisite complexity! You did not complain about the weather!

The more you push against and create disharmony with others, with the earth, with the weather, the more you weaken the fabric of the web of life that sustains us all.

Cease your pushing. Accept what is. Breathe. Hum a lovely tune that makes you feel good!

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