A presidential candidate

What is that ugly static playing in the background of your lives this year – those words of hate and violence? Why do you human beings tolerate this? You deserve better from those who seek to lead and serve you.

What does this ugliness reflect?

Whose inner fears and anger? Whose tough exterior walling off a tender center where a world of hurt has been stuffed? Why must some humans cast an epic circle of ugliness around themselves to protect and defend their inner core? Where is the hurt little boy inside when the grown man throws a hissy fit?

Speaking to the candidate

All damage can be repaired, Mr. Candidate. You know deep within that you must go inward and heal yourself. You must do the difficult work of confronting yourself.

Of course that is harder and much less newsworthy and probably not as entertaining as building a massive wall 2000 miles long, crafting policies that divide people into us and them, winning an election by spreading fear, nauseating words, and untruths, causing untold damage and heartache. You have no right to take others down because you can’t face the truth in your mirror.

No matter how much power, money and fame you amass, you will feel like nothing unless you face the hurt, longing and sadness at your core, and learn to love the flawed human you are. Sometimes your feel weak, sometimes you feel disconnected from your true inner strength and power, sometimes you feel afraid, like every other human who ever lived.

Welcome to the human race, to life on earth and the reality that all you’ve ever wanted, all your power is within you.

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