Take up space and live!

Potted plants will live fully within the parameters of their pot, the ceiling height, the light from the nearest window.

2016-05-29 10.45.20 (480x640)

Grandmother Cottonwood

Just as you must live within the confines of your circumstances, the blueprint of your species, allow yourself to live fully within the boundaries of your life. Live your life fully, fill your container with your roots. Take up all the goodness you have access to without depriving others.

Reach toward the sun and do not look down! Do not have a second thought about your right to exist, to take up space, to be here on earth as part of the exquisite tapestry of all that is! You live and that is proof enough of your worthiness.

Only humans question their right to exist, to receive love and abundance and nurturing, to keep themselves warm and fed and comfortable. This is a waste of your precious time!

Receive the gifts of this life with grace and gratitude. When you thrive all creatures on earth thrive as well!

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