Dear ones, I have witnessed among you delightful two legged ones many distractions and detours of thought and action that keep you from your most treasured goals and dreams.

You too have access to grace, the state of oneness with all things. Grace is no consciousness of self as you move easily through life. You have no second guessing, no doubt, you exist completely in the here and now.


Snow covered bird’s nest

You often distract yourselves and take yourselves out of the stream of life with time wasters, glitzy attention grabbers, shiny objects, preconceived notions, career trivia, Mom and Dad’s agenda for you, pain in the body or emotions…

Gradually you’re pulled off the track into the weeds. Have you sacrificed the most precious treasure of your life – your time – to distractions by others? Those with louder voices, bigger paychecks, overpowering egos, higher positions, a bigger following, more success, more stuff?

If so, it is time to haul yourself back to your true and rightful path – your life’s work, your soul’s delight, your calling. You un-rooted ones must make like a tree and ground yourself daily, hourly, if you need to.

Pull yourself back to the center of your life, let go of your grip on the distracting elements around and in you. Simply notice your distraction and align yourself again and again with the source of your purpose, your soul’s work.

You are the sovereign of your own energy, your own life. Learn to focus fully on your life’s passions and the distractions will fall away.  You will once again live in a state of  grace.

Take up space and live!

Potted plants will live fully within the parameters of their pot, the ceiling height, the light from the nearest window.

2016-05-29 10.45.20 (480x640)

Grandmother Cottonwood

Just as you must live within the confines of your circumstances, the blueprint of your species, allow yourself to live fully within the boundaries of your life. Live your life fully, fill your container with your roots. Take up all the goodness you have access to without depriving others.

Reach toward the sun and do not look down! Do not have a second thought about your right to exist, to take up space, to be here on earth as part of the exquisite tapestry of all that is! You live and that is proof enough of your worthiness.

Only humans question their right to exist, to receive love and abundance and nurturing, to keep themselves warm and fed and comfortable. This is a waste of your precious time!

Receive the gifts of this life with grace and gratitude. When you thrive all creatures on earth thrive as well!

The heart

2013-01-01 00.00.00-12

Self expression!

The human heart radiates such love when healthy and thriving. And when the heart is broken, such pain and confusion, such hurt, radiates to those nearby.

Do you transmit love or hurt with the powerful energy of your heart? If hurt, find a way to heal and clear and forgive and move on. Then you can one again feel light and joyful, living in the flow of grace, your default state of being.

Guilt and fear and hurt weigh you down as surely as if you were carrying an armload of rocks. Why do that to your precious self? Why carry a useless burden that only holds you back?

I’m telling you, you can let it go. You can release the dead wight of blame and unexpressed emotion. But you must have the courage to forgive, to  feel deeply and fully and to express what you feel in ways that honor you and those around you.

Heal your heart and you heal your life.