You belong here

Dear ones, I ask you to connect with your deep natures as children of this sweet green earth. Lie under the night sky, feel the earth support your bodies.


Winter crab apples

Take in the billions of stars, the planets, the infinity of all that is. Know that you belong here on our living planet among the multitude of life forms that call the earth their home.

Connect to your deep nature. Get to know the heart of you, the core of your being that has sustained your kind since ancient times – before the written word, before history, before science, when the world was young.

Now, after all this time, you are still at your center an elemental earth dweller, connected intimately to the ground beneath your feet. You walk in this living atmosphere between the dome of sky and the supporting earth.


Evening sky, waxing moon

You have been entrusted with these precious gifts. Know that you are worthy of them.

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