Are you highly sensitive?

Some of you are blessed with the ability to feel what others feel, to pick up the tiny hints and clues of actions yet to occur, to feel or see the subtle energies of others.

You may carry the cares of the world on your shoulders, weighed down with sorrow and pain and anxiety that are not your own. In this way your greatest gift becomes a burden, and your life is not under your own control.

Please know dear ones, that you can manage your gifts and sensitivities without carrying and feeling the grief of others.


Winter trees, snowy day

When you feel overwhelmed and know it is not yours, send blessings and love to the sufferers whoever and wherever they may be. Then imagine yourself shutting a door or a window, or pulling a curtain that will keep your energy with you and theirs with them.

Perhaps you felt as a child you could help others by carrying their feelings. Know this! It is not your job to carry the weight of the world on your back. You can keep yourself clear and free of collective anxiety! Your job is to feel and manage your own feelings.

If you are called to help others, you may teach others to manage their own feelings, to become literate in the language of emotion so the earth may become a more peaceful and happier place for all to live.

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