Come back home to yourself

Beneath all the noise and cacophony of headlines, arguing pundits competing and posturing for ratings with the ugliest most outrageous or inflammatory stories;

Beneath the constant traffic noise, the heavy vibrations of earth movers, the rushing sirens, jet engines with their off the charts decibel levels;

Beneath the rushing to work or appointments, the constant push to be somewhere else, then somewhere else again;

Monarch butterfly on blazing prairie star

Beneath all this constant hum and ceaseless activity and useless arguing and controversy lies the inner peace, the serenity of your spirit.

It is the one unchanging constant in your life, from cradle to grave and beyond; the foundation of your existence, the ground of your being.

When the rushing and worrying become too much, when stress overwhelms you, come back home to your heart and body and your resilient spirit.

Park your car. Turn off the news. Turn off the constant hum and irrelevance of the TV. Tune into the quiet and calm at your center.

Let your breathing slow and deepen, let your awareness come to your heart. Know that you are so much more than the outward trappings of life – the worry and fear, the job, the news, your political party, your race or religion, your schedule, your to-do list…

Yellow swallowtail on zinnia

You are an expansive and indestructible spirit living in a body with peace at your center. Know this and come back home to your true self.

Your spectrum of awareness

Many of you are sensitive to the spirits and energy that support, surround and permeate this world of mass, volume and matter. You have a wider spectrum of awareness than those who call you crazy, those who fear your power, those who cut you down to size, those who scoff at your light.

Do not allow others to talk you out of what you know to be true!

DSCN6166 (640x480)

Soaring birds

You who can feel and hear and know the presence of spirits; do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all? Learn to set boundaries, to invite the compassionate helping spirits on your terms, on your schedule, and send those who drain you away.

Your voice is powerful! Use it to keep yourself clear and to connect with your inner strength and power.

Your roots connect you to the Earth. Draw up her energy to empower your body. You sensitive ones, especially will be most effective when you are grounded in the earth as well as connected to the heavens.

Focus your attention and set your intention to work in harmony with the spirit world.

You sensitive souls are needed here with your wider range of awareness to interpret higher vibrations, to channel healing energy and beautiful works of art, to help us all live in harmony and wisdom. Your gifts are a blessing to this earth. Know it is so.

Are you highly sensitive?

Some of you are blessed with the ability to feel what others feel, to pick up the tiny hints and clues of actions yet to occur, to feel or see the subtle energies of others.

You may carry the cares of the world on your shoulders, weighed down with sorrow and pain and anxiety that are not your own. In this way your greatest gift becomes a burden, and your life is not under your own control.

Please know dear ones, that you can manage your gifts and sensitivities without carrying and feeling the grief of others.


Winter trees, snowy day

When you feel overwhelmed and know it is not yours, send blessings and love to the sufferers whoever and wherever they may be. Then imagine yourself shutting a door or a window, or pulling a curtain that will keep your energy with you and theirs with them.

Perhaps you felt as a child you could help others by carrying their feelings. Know this! It is not your job to carry the weight of the world on your back. You can keep yourself clear and free of collective anxiety! Your job is to feel and manage your own feelings.

If you are called to help others, you may teach others to manage their own feelings, to become literate in the language of emotion so the earth may become a more peaceful and happier place for all to live.