Begin again

Do not lose heart, dear ones. At any moment you may drop the habits, thoughts, patterns, behaviors, and blocked emotions of the past – those that hold you back, those that hurt others or yourself.


Winter tree

It could happen instantly, when you have made the decision at a deep level. You finally lay down the last cigarette, set aside the sugar for good, and never look back. Or, it may be a gradual process of noticing the harm and how your body feels, the emotions, the thoughts, and wanting to feel better.

It may be that you need the help of others to move forward. There are many who can help you find your way to the light at your pace, in your time.

You will feel expanding awareness and compassion for yourself as you choose life over addiction or unhappiness, as you choose to feel good to the depths of your soul, not just the surface of your being.

You get to begin again and make a new choice. Each moment is an opportunity for a new choice.

Do you choose health and wholeness? Do you choose to move toward the light? Do you choose to love yourself? Do you choose thoughts and actions that uplift you, and by extension those around you?

Take a new action in this moment to cement your choice!

Dear ones, know this whatever choices you make, you are dearly loved and desired here on this place at this time. You can feel better, you do not have to stay stuck in old harmful patterns. You can thrive!


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