What unique gifts do you bring?

What is your life’s work? You soul’s purpose? What is your unique gift to life on this planet?

Begin this new year thinking, discerning, and discovering the reason you came here in a body. Recommit yourself to this passionate purpose.

Male cardinal in winter

You must look below the surface of your life for the answer. Making a lot of money is a surface effect of your purpose. Prestige and fame are surface effects…

Dig deeper to your core spirit knowing, the reason that gives your days meaning, that makes your heart sing, that inspires you above all else. Ask your spirit helpers, guides, angels, and ancestors to assist if you don’t know what your purpose is.

Let the answer come to you over time. What fascinates you? What fills you with light and passion? What activities cause you to lose track of time and enter the timeless place of flow and creativity… the deep well that is always filled, no matter how much you withdraw…

When you are tapped into this well of creativity and purpose, you will never run out of ideas, plans, or inspirations. You will be filled by life and often feel wonderful and blissful while you are aligned with your purpose.

Your gifts are needed here and now!

Your uplifting feelings and creations will flow from you as gifts to bless the web of life!

More about clearing

Clear the clutter from your mind, and life. Tidy and clear away so you can focus your attention on what is most important to you.

Is your mind cluttered with to-do lists and lots of rules labeled “should” and “should not”? Is your mind cluttered with worries about what’s ahead? Is life’s trivia masquerading as top must-do agenda items?

DSCN9148 (480x640)

Grandmother Cottonwood, letting go of summer’s leaves

Is your home cluttered with unused things gathering dust – abandoned books and piles of papers? Are your closets crammed with clothes you can’t remember or that don’t fit? Are these things holding you in the past, keeping you stuck in the mud of indecision?

Is your time cluttered with trivial tasks that could wait, could even be left undone with no problem…? Is it cluttered with busy work, time wasting projects that keep you preoccupied, and before you know it, the day is gone, and you haven’t done a lick of work on the project that feeds your spirit and satisfies your soul.

Create spaces in your home and heart and in your day that sing to you, clarify and focus your mind without petty distractions. Create space to do your soul work, to do what caused your spirit to choose life in your magnificent human body at this time.

You have come here to be in partnership with source! Life is calling you to “step up to the plate and live fully, unencumbered by any clutter of physical objects, mental debris, or emotional baggage that holds you back!

Do your soul work first! Give in to the pull of the divine and do what inspires, delights and satisfies you before any other!  Let nothing hold you back!

What are you waiting for?

I, rooted to the earth, I who stand patiently in my chosen place for my hundred or more years ask you –

2015-06-27 09.33.01 (480x640)

Grandmother Cottonwood

What are you waiting for?

It is time to get off the mark, out of your seat, and let the inspiration that fills your being move you to act! When you are inspired and connected to source, the acts you are moved to will ring true, fall into place with ease, be in your highest good and the highest good of the planet.

When you are in accord with your heart and allow the fearful ego voice to fade into the background, your actions will bless this earth and all living creatures.

So, what are you waiting for?

If fear and loathing keep you frozen and motionless, do what you can to soothe your fears and calm your anxiety. Do not allow your life to pass you by because of fear!

Your true power comes through when your will and divine will line up. Then you feel the energy and inspiration fill your body. Then you can tap into the great power at your center, the divine purpose you have come to express.

Let your light shine brightly!

Helping others

Have you read that caring for others is the highest good? This refrain has been repeated so often with such piety that many believe this to be gospel! To be a saint is to deny the self and care for others, to sacrifice your own desires for others.

DSCN5564 (480x640)

Budding hosta

I am here to tell you that this idea must be questioned and tested. Your true purpose comes from within and cannot be imposed upon you by others, or by some rules and codes of conduct devised in ancient times.

The highest good in life is to be fully yourself, to line up with your purpose, your light and power. Perhaps your divine purpose is to be a light for others to help guide them… and perhaps your true purpose does not involve caring for others.

Dear ones, you can help others, if you are called to do so, by allowing them to access and know their own power, to discern their purpose, to draw on their own inner resources. You job is not to hold others up with your own strength or to rescue or to save them.

You are to line up with your light first and foremost. In this way, you will find your true and sacred purpose. Do this and you will thrive!  Those closest to you will thrive as well!

Your Purpose

You have come with a purpose in mind and heart. Even if you don’t remember or know it in your conscious mind, life unfolds and guides you toward your purpose, subtly, or pushes you there, kicking and screaming.

2016-04-26 10.32.06 (480x640)

Redwing blackbird

Surrender to the unfolding of your precious life purpose.  This is your chance to live fully, to allow yourself to enter the spotlight and become a partner with source of creation.

Perhaps you have other ideas? You life will truly thrive only when you cease resisting the inevitable and listen to the quiet and wise voice of source within your heart and soul.

Perhaps it is long forgotten dreams of your childhood, when you knew without a doubt or second thought you were born to be an artist, a singer, a healer, a speaker, a teacher, a writer…

But over the years, you’ve become conventional – conformed to those who had no vision but felt they must influence you for “your own good”…or keep you small so they could feel large. You gave up on your dreams.

I am asking you to revisit the dreams, visions and passions that made you feel alive and want to get out of bed each morning. Dust them off, shine them up, and step into your true life! – a soul satisfying partnership with the loving, delightful, all knowing source of creation. Dance!

You and your gifts

GCW speaks of celebrating you and the gifts you bring

2015-12-12 10.58.31

A cardinal in winter

Celebrate your existence here on this planet at this time in this place! You are here in this body against all odds – a billion to one, perhaps!

What is your soul’s purpose here? Why the sweat, blood and tears of this life? Why were you born? Why did your spirit choose this life?

You are first and foremost meant to be here. You need do nothing to prove yourself worthy of existence, of the fruits of this life. Your very presence here is all the proof needed. Your job is to be exactly who you are, sharing your gifts without apology, without embarrassment, without a second thought!

Allow yourself to shine forth in all your glory, for the earth has been waiting for you and your gifts, and is richly blessed by your participation in this life. Know this deep within the core of your being. If others tell you a different story, they lie!

Claim your birthright, the power and light that you are! You have the capability to expand and grow. Develop and practice your gifts and skills and talents. No one else can replicate you, or the amazing gifts you bring to the earth and the web of all existence.

Dear ones, beloved ones, you are magnificent and your gifts are needed now!