You and your gifts

GCW speaks of celebrating you and the gifts you bring

2015-12-12 10.58.31

A cardinal in winter

Celebrate your existence here on this planet at this time in this place! You are here in this body against all odds – a billion to one, perhaps!

What is your soul’s purpose here? Why the sweat, blood and tears of this life? Why were you born? Why did your spirit choose this life?

You are first and foremost meant to be here. You need do nothing to prove yourself worthy of existence, of the fruits of this life. Your very presence here is all the proof needed. Your job is to be exactly who you are, sharing your gifts without apology, without embarrassment, without a second thought!

Allow yourself to shine forth in all your glory, for the earth has been waiting for you and your gifts, and is richly blessed by your participation in this life. Know this deep within the core of your being. If others tell you a different story, they lie!

Claim your birthright, the power and light that you are! You have the capability to expand and grow. Develop and practice your gifts and skills and talents. No one else can replicate you, or the amazing gifts you bring to the earth and the web of all existence.

Dear ones, beloved ones, you are magnificent and your gifts are needed now!

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