Prayer of gratitude

Light and dark

Light and dark

S of Ames, Iowa has asked GCW to create a prayer for gratitude and healing for the earth.

A. My dear S, thank you for your thoughtful request.


I open my heart to the fullness, the vastness of all that is, knowing I am an integral part of the whole; knowing that every thought I think, every feeling, every action I take affects the web of all that is and creates the world I see before me.

I know that healing the earth begins with healing myself from the inside out! Therefore, I tune myself to the joy, the beauty, the love that is at the center of my being. I feel it and let it flow through me and outward into all that is. This sacred energy that originates within me flows outward to create new patterns in the web of life, reweaving and refreshing all that once seemed broken.

I now feel in my core a gratitude for our magnificent earth, and every particle that exists in the universe including myself, my thoughts, feelings, my physical manifestation. All of me! I allow this gratitude to grow and increase, and fill me with sacred light until it can no longer be contained within me and it spills outward to fill the vastness of all that is, to the far reaches of the universe, and comes back to me again in the great circle of love that is the foundation of our being.

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