When will I be ready?

Pair of geese

Pair of geese

C of Ames, Iowa writes

Q. When will I be ready to have a partner in my life?

A. Dear C, are you impatient for your partner to arrive? Do you fear he will never come? Do not fear for all things are one and will be reunited. Your desires have been received in the web of all things.

You could have a partner tomorrow, but what would he reflect back to you? While you wait for him to arrive, strengthen yourself by creating a partnership with yourself.

Do you wish your partner to look you in the eyes and say with feeling and sincerity “I love you”? Can you do this for yourself? Do you wish for good company, laughter and companionship? Can you do this for yourself? Do you wish for someone who will listen and understand your deepest desires and secrets and accept you? Can you do this for yourself?

Your partner is not meant to fill in where you feel weak or deficient. He is meant to mirror the best in you, the full hearted love, full throated voice, the wonder and beauty of you. What would you like your partner to reflect to you?

You will know you are ready when you feel whole and complete in yourself; when you trust, love and honor every aspect, every particle of your being – the light and dark in you; when you are comfortable with who you are at the heart of your being; when you love yourself deeply in all seasons, all weathers; when you learn what love is through loving yourself; when your heart has leaned how to access pure joy at the center of your being and see its reflection in those near you.

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