Is there a God?

2013-01-01 00.00.00-149 J of Central Iowa asks:

Q. Is there a God?

A. There is no fierce Zeus reclining in the clouds above Mount Olympus, No Michelangelo figure surrounded by attractive and fit angels breathing life into humans, no golden chariot of the sun racing westward across the sky.

The imagination of humans has limits! Your depictions of God involve human attributes in one form or another. I think God should be depicted as magnificent tree! Perhaps a Cottonwood!

You cannot imagine the immensity, the infinity, the magnificence of all that is. All that is contains your ideas about God, your images and concepts.  All that is is the ever shifting web in which all things are one. It is constantly expanding, growing, responding to the energies of creation: to thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, contained in every living thing. Your images and concepts of God are a part of what god is. Your solar system, and galaxies, the stuff of stars, your ingenious shiny creations, the feelings of your hearts and minds, the decaying leaves on the forest floor, the tiny seeds that promise renewed life, the exquisite interwoven systems of nature are all a part of what God is.

All is as it should be . All is constantly in motion. All that is is a reflection of what you call God. I am delighted, for we all get to take part in creating and defining this playful Universe!

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