Is there something after death?

Burned tree

Burned tree

J of Ames, Iowa writes

Q. Is there something after death?

A. After the death of the body a spirit feels complete freedom, complete lightness, buoyancy, joy, release. The physical body has been surrendered to the decay of the physical world, but the spirit will never decay.

The spirits in all living things are released from fear sickness, envy, jealousy, injury, decline, hatred, self loathing, and loneliness after death. Only what is indestructible and eternal remains – the energy of the soul. That is at its heart the energy of love.

So when death comes in to your awareness, know that it is only the husk of the body that has died, know that the spirit lives on in a new form.  Know that communication is possible for there is no separation in the great web of all things.

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