Will something bad happen?

Neighborhood squirrel

Neighborhood squirrel

P of Central Iowa asks

Q. Is there something that is negatively impacting nature that humans don’t know about yet?

A. Everything affects everything else. If nature is negatively affected by your thoughts, words, actions, then you are also negatively affected. Pay attention to what is in your control, not the details of a possible future scenario you won’t like if it comes to pass.

Attend to your actions, keep them in harmony with the wholeness of all that is. Know that you are an integral part of all that is; that no-one, nothing is separate or alone. If you think you are separate and can operate by rules that you have invented, the web will reflect an imbalance to you. It may be feelings of unease or something stronger.

Attend to your words, for words carry the energy of your intentions. Align your words with the world you wish to create. Your words can bless our earth with sweet joy, or curse it with ugliness. You are the chooser and creator.

Attend to your thoughts for they are also the energy by which the web of creation is woven. What do you desire your world to reflect to you? Move your thoughts in this direction. You are at the hub of the universe. Each and every one of you. You have creative power. Your actions, words and thoughts all affect the great web in which all things are one. The world you see before you is your own creation! Never underestimate your own power!

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