Invasive weeds

Invasive weed or exquisite wildflower?

Invasive weed or exquisite wildflower?

B of Ames, Iowa wants to know:

Q. Is there anything natural I can do to discourage invasive weeds in my yard?

A. Focus on the plants you want, nurture and strengthen them and the soil that supports their growth.

Fighting and battling and warring with those you don’t want increases their strength and you start seeing them everywhere and accuse them of invading. Next you are planning your campaign, spending more time, energy, and money rooting them out and creating your fictional “perfection”. For what?

Do you suspect yourself of imperfection? Are you afraid the neighbors will discern your secret? That you are flawed? Give it up! Relax and get a life. Swing in a hammock. Enjoy a little of the minty scent of creeping charlie. Revel in the velvety softness of your growing things in springtime; the sweet intoxicating scent of white clover; the variety of life forms that dwell at your feet and bless you with the fresh green spirits.

Accept it all. Love it all. Find the best in it to focus on and appreciate with all your heart!

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