Will I achieve my dreams?

Red Bud in bloom

Red Bud in bloom

M. of central Texas asks:

Q. I’m 18 years old. I was told that by the time I’m 30, I’ll be a family man with a nice house and a college degree. I want these things, yet I’m not sure I’ll make it. Will this happen for me?

A. My dear M, you are blessed with a vivid imagination. Put it to work! Can you imagine each of these blessing coming true for you? How will you feel? What is the feeling of being a stable family man? Where do you feel this in your body? Revel in the feelings and focus on them. Make the feelings real.

Who do you know that has done what you want to do?  What was their path? How did they make the vision in their head and heart into reality?  Talk to them and learn from them.

Only you can create these blessings in your life. You create through your feeling, your thoughts, the pictures in your mind, your actions and your focus. Doubt and fear and hopelessness create more of the same and steer you away from your vision. If you feel them, be kind to yourself and acknowledge them. Then find a way to tune back in to the loving expansive feelings you want to feel. Maybe the feelings are not so easy to imagine because all this is new for you. You are inventing your life, one moment at a time! If you make a mistake as all humans do, dust yourself off and learn from the experience.

There is a place in your that knows with certainty that you can achieve your dreams. Act from this place.

May all blessings flow to you.

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