Restoring balance

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M of West Des Moines, Iowa writes

Q. What else can I do to help heal the trees and earth and restore balance?

A. Restore balance within your circles of influence.

First restore balance within your beautiful self. Accept the light and dark of you, the anger and joy of you, the push and pull of you, the contradictions in you, the parts of you you suppress. You are all of it and it is all good, it is meant to flow.

Second, restore balance within your home; the spaces you inhabit. Are some spaces heavy with cluttered things and dense energy? Are other clear, light and airy? Bring flowing moving energy in to all of it. Balance empty space with objects, weight with lightness, motion with stillness.

Third, restore balance in your relationships. Do you give too much, and receive less in return? Do you let others trample your boundaries? Do you allow yourself time alone? Balance time together, and time alone, giving and receiving, winning and winning, speech and silence…

Your influence on the web of creation is profound, even though you may feel you are but a speck of dust in the vast and trackless universe. Every movement you make in the direction of balance adjusts the entire web of all that is toward balance and harmony.

Flow your powerful love to all that is and it is reflected back to you magnificently.

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