Flowing stream

Flowing stream

E of central Iowa asks:

Q. How do you interpret human emotions from your tree’s perspective?

A. I see colors and light around people. Some are bright, some flowing and sparkling, some are dull and gray, some seem stuck and stagnant. It can appear like a rainbow or dark clouds enveloping the body.

What you call emotions is a flow, an energy that is meant to move and constantly changes and refreshes like a swiftly moving stream. If the stream slows and stops flowing in places, the water becomes unhealthy, smelly, ugly. It is just so with the energies of emotion that move through you.

If you stop the flow of your emotions by swallowing, ignoring, stuffing, denying, hiding, or lying about them, they will eventually cause unease within you and perhaps a stagnation of the body. They are energy and can’t be destroyed. They will not go away even if you don’t like them and don’t want them. Those you hide from yourself will eat you alive unless you learn to accept them all and thereby accept and love yourself – the entire spectrum of who you are from the intense red of anger to the sparkling violet of pure love and joy.

Know and love yourself, for you and all your energies are beloved.

2 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. that’s so true. I don’t want to explode from inside out because I so stuck up with flowing energy. That’s why counselors, therapists and mentors exist. one of the ways to offload is to talk about it


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