Why do people have to grow up?

Sweet baby

Sweet baby

F, age 6, of Des Moines, Iowa asks:

Q. Why do people have to grow up?

A. From the time you were a tiny sparkle of love inside your mother’s body, you have been growing. Look at your baby pictures – the picture of your first bath. You are no longer the size and shape of a baby! You were perfect then, and you are perfect now!

Do you feel sad about leaving your kindergarten? Do you think you need to be crabby & unhappy, and tired and boring when you are a grownup? You will never be any of those things when you listen to your heart!

Welcome to your life! My dear, you are like a flower that has roots and lives many years. Each year, it sends up leaves and a stalk, a bud that unfolds and blossoms. Underground where you can’t see, the roots spread so new plants can grow. Just like the plants and flowers, when you are done with something old, something new will grow from you. Something wonderful! Something that you will love!

All of life is designed to grow and change. It is your turn to be the child. One day it will be your turn to be the teenager, then the mother, then the grandmother. But remember, the part of you that is invisible never never grows old! It is baby, child, teenager, mother, and grandmother all at the same time. The invisible part of you loves being alive! It feels pure joy!

You are a blessing to this earth. You are here because of love. You are dearly loved.

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