How much longer?

2015-06-06 10.56.13

A of Central Iowa wants to know:

Q. How much longer does the human race have?

A. My dear A, have you been watching too much TV news? Have you allowed the despair and fear of others to seep into your heart and mind and bones? Open your heart and see the beauty, the joy, the wonder that is all around you. Turn the “dial”. Don’t be part of their “ratings game”.

At your center lies joy. Tune into that channel! Let it flow through you. Feel it and soon you will tune the sensitive web of all that is away from despair toward the energy of joy. Your small shift will have impact on the web that you cannot imagine! Your feelings make a difference. Your world is woven through feeling. It begins within you and moves outward in waves, affecting everything and everyone in your experience. Find reasons to laugh and smile every day! Chose to! Find reasons to love every day! Choose to!

Find reasons to simply enjoy this beautiful exquisite planet we inhabit! And take your place in the amazing web of all life in which nothing is forgotten or left behind.

For a GCW approved experiment, choose to feel good for at least five minutes or one hour, or a whole day if you can, no matter what happens around you or on the news. See the effect on the others in your life; your children and husband, your neighbors, your town, and most of all you. Now repeat this experiment. Often!

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