More of what?

GCW's neighbor, Barred owl

GCW’s neighbor, Barred owl

GCW wishes to speak of the habit many humans have – the constant striving for “more”.

I do not condemn “more”. I only wish to ask you to rest now and then, to calm the constant chatter of your minds and discern what it is you want more of.

Is it not enough at times to soak in the early summer sunlight, the soft breeze, the dancing grasses, the mottled and shifting shade under a friendly tree?

Is it not enough at times to hear the call of the owl, to marvel at the effortless soaring of a vulture, to hear the pure clear note of a cardinal?

Is it not enough at times to feel the soft hair and skin of a beloved baby, to push your fingers deep into the soil as you plant seeds, to feel the cool weight of a beautiful stone in your palm?

Is it not enough at times to simply be, to sit in the center of your life and appreciate all that surrounds you, to gaze at your reflection and marvel at the miracle of your life in this body at this time, in this exact time and space?

It is right at times that your drop the content of your mind, the constant chatter, the reeling thoughts, the ever present pushing of yourself to achieve more more more. Are you afraid you are nothing without your thoughts?  Think again! Let your mind rest. Gather all those thoughts, the “must dos” “must haves” and release your grip on them. Drop them, like dropping a suitcase full of stones. See how light and free you can feel.  (You may pick them up again at any time.)

Try this and feel calmer, feel more connected to your home, the magnificent green earth.

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