Supporting a teenager

June grasses

June grasses

C of central Iowa asks:

Q. What is the best way to continue to be a supportive person in a teenager’s life? How can I bring encouragement to my niece who is facing a possible chronic disease?

A. When you are apart from your niece and feeling good in yourself, simply hold her in the light of your heart. No words, no outward actions are necessary. See her at her shining best. See her in perfect health. See her glowing with happiness. See her higher self.

When you are with her in person, simply be with her with no expectations, only acceptance without fear, judgment or worry. Know her to be the shining radiance that is at the center of her being. See the best in her and of her. Do not say “Poor you.” Set the tone for the energy you want between you. In this way you will give her an idea of what is possible for her. In this way, my dear, you reweave the web of all that is – beginning in your heart.

Remember, your energy affects those around you. There is no faking it with energy. Your niece will read your energy like a book, so do this when you feel good and the good feelings will grow.

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