Human creation

A human creation

A human creation

Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of human creation. You humans seem obsessed with constant creating. Do you have to meet the mark, prove yourselves, justify your existence? Or do you allow the expression of who you are to flow easily from your heart through the tips of your delightful fingers? This is the highest feeling. Your auras sparkle and dazzle with clear pure rainbow hues when you are in the flow.

Do you strive for perfection, force things to happen on a deadline, or does life simply flow through you? Does life sing through you – through your beautiful voices that express so much even without words? Do you assign levels of goodness or badness to things? In short, are your big brains that worry and think too much holding you back?

Do you always try to be good, or do good? Stop it now! For you were born good, You were good before you were conceived. Even before that when you were spirit, pure energy, you were an expression of the fullness of all that is. You need not do, be, create, or have anything to prove your goodness. For goodness and worthiness are conditions of the web of all things of which you are an integral part. Striving for what you already possess wastes your precious sunlight hours, your time in this body you now find yourself inhabiting!

Give yourself a permission slip to let your words, your creations the music in you to flow without judgment. I delight in the easy flow of all things human. Through the filters of your hearts, spirits and bodies you create your magnificent holy lives.

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