Seed pods and bark

Seed pods and bark

Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of feeling.

My dear beloveds, I wish to speak of feeling- the feelings that flow within you like an ever changing kaleidoscope show of many colors, shapes, and interwoven patterns. Your feelings are life! Learn from them, feel them, know them, let them flow unimpeded by tension in your body, by judgment, by worried thoughts.

Those humans that walk near me – I can feel and sense the flow or stuckness of them. When there is flow, life simply lifts them and carries them like a cottonwood seed on a gentle breeze toward their destination. When there is a feeling of being stuck, the energies gather like storm clouds and those humans seem heavy and sluggish. Their faces register a frown, a turning inward, a drawing in of muscle, a tension that cuts them off from the beauty of and connection to all things. They live in their heads, not in the world.

I have sensed the energies of those on the verge of sickness and disease- those who feel stuck on one note like anger or fear, or resentment. Believe me, this note sounds false. It is not pretty to witness!

You can sense within your body where you block your flow. Love those places, all the dark and light of you, for love heals. Soothe your stuck places. Then, as you walk past GCW and all the other beloved creatures that inhabit this earth, all will feel, know and sense your flow, and you will feel wonderful as you live in the grace of this flow!

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