Stones and shiny things

Stone and foliage

Stone and foliage

GCW speaks of stones and shiny things.

You beloved creatures have built your world on a foundation of stones from the beginning of your creative time here in this great web of life to the shiny blinking mesmerizing objects you so love now. (Crows would love them too, but only for the shine.)

Your kind continues to invent, to improve, to tweak and innovate. It is who you are! Yet your bodies are much the same as they were when you hunted with flint tips and painted on cave walls. See the ancient hands silhouetted deep within the painted cave millennia ago. Now place your hand on that handprint- place yourself in that time and place. You are still that. You are still that physical being.

Are your bodies keeping up with the speed of your lives? Are you finding time to just slow down and soak in the exquisite beauty of existence that requires nothing of you; that allows you to know your primal roots? Do not allow your shiny creations, your conditioned air, your speed of thought, your rushing cars, your crowded marketplaces to keep you from knowing your integral place in the web of all things.

GCW wishes to see the great rifts created in the web of life mended, rewoven, made whole again. I ask you magnificent humans to make this so. With your creative abilities you can make this happen. Join the powerful energies of your hearts and reweave the circle of life. Be who you are created to be.

Let your true natures that began with your ancient ancestors shine forth. Let your energies sparkle and flow like ripples on a sunlit creek. Your love is the healer. This magnificent earth, our home, embraces you and all that you are, for you are dear, as dear as life itself.

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