Healing the Earth

Red winged blackbird

Red winged blackbird

M of West Des Moines, Iowa asks:

Q. Are there certain places on this earth that need our healing energy and focus first? Is there a best priority to focus on?

A. Focus on that which is in your control. Focus the healing within your own heart first, for many humans are so outwardly focused you do not always see how your own unhealed hearts affect the web of all things. You do not need to be heroic, you do not need to range the globe and rescue anyone or anything outside yourself. Begin within your own heart, your body, your emotions. The waves of joy, of peace, of contentment that will flow from you will profoundly affect all particles of energy in this universe and this green earth home we delight in.

You are powerful! You are powerful beyond your understanding!

Nothing is outside yourself! All places you notice that are barren, eroded, flooded, plagued, diseased, paved over, or dying reflect something within you. Journey to that place in you and bring light and love to it so that no dark places remain within you- so that you become the light and know yourself as the hub of the great web of life in which all things are one.

When you are clear, others will come to you who will benefit from your energy. Those places on earth that will benefit from your clarity, your powerful love, like a column of light, will become known to you as well. You will need to make no effort. You yourself will have become the very peace, harmony, health and balance you seek for the earth!

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