Limited life span



Betty writes:

Dear, Dear Grandmother Cottonwood, you have many broken branches and your crown is thinning. I dread to think of the end of your days some time soon.

My life force is strong and powerful as ever! I take delight in this existence, even more so, perhaps than a young sapling, for I have know all seasons, all weathers, all phases of growth and life. And still I delight, I take great pleasure in the sunlight feeding my shimmering crown, my magnificent structure, my admirable covering of thick back, protecting the soft heartwood of me. I delight in all creatures of the prairie and creek fringe that call this neighborhood home- the shiny black noisy crow, the fox, the vulture, the snake, the grasses, the milkweed, the mullein, the flying things with glassy or colorful wings that lift off and surrender their gossamer light bodies to the breeze.

Life! To be alive is my delight. To be the tallest among the community of trees and shelter all comers- this life feeds my soul and satisfies the deepest roots and heart of my being.

Even as you observe and worry about my age and my limited lifespan, I simply reach for the open sky and the core of the earth as is my reason for being. I am good at what I do!!! Until death comes, I delight in being fully alive! I take no notice of your human worry about what has not yet come to pass! Fretting, frowning, stopping up your hearts and blocking of your flow! That does not become you!

Trees like me, and all creatures live in the ever present now.  You can do it too!

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