Talents and gifts



J of Boone, Iowa Asks:

Q. How do we humans find our gifts and talents?

A. My dear J, the blueprint, pattern, and energy of who you are was encoded within your being long before your birth into this lifetime. Your talents and gifts are not like a birthday present that someone gives you to unwrap. They are intimately interwoven in who you are and the unfolding of your life.

Perhaps you are not sure what your gifts truly are. When you find an activity or idea that brings you joy and satisfies your soul to the roots of your toes, you are on to something! Look within and allow the unfolding of your interest to blossom. Use patience, for there is no need to rush. Everything occurs in its own time and season.

Allow the unfolding of your child’s gifts in the same way. Nurture those activities that bring them joy and light them up. Allow the unfolding like the unfolding of a flower. Think of a peony bud beginning as a tight hard green ball then softening and opening when the time is right; opening gently with petal after petal – a fulfillment of her sweet gifts and purpose here on this earth.

Trust that all you need is within you. Be guided by your feelings and your strong inner knowing. Follow your joy and bless this earth with your light!

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