Artful garden

Artful garden

GCW speaks of Art

I feel the flow of power and energy through your physical bodies when you are letting your creative power move freely! It is as if you have allowed a spotlight from the heavens to pour through you! Your exquisite music, powerful words, visual images, the movement of your bodies with pure joy in the dance delight and enliven this earth.

Do not mistake the human word “art”, for creative power can pour though every human on this planet, no matter what you choose to focus on. Building a house, creating a business, cooking a meal, planting a garden all can be called art when this power is allowed to inspire you and flow through you unimpeded – when you create with joy!

Are you open to the outpourings of all that is? Do you allow the flow or do you shut if off like snapping out the light? Do not fear this power, for this is the stuff of life itself!

You are all meant to be channels and carriers of this light! You are meant to create beauty from inside you as a spider unreels her filaments while spinning her magnificent web. Then, when you have finished your creation, you can witness with your senses in a form you can understand, the beauty, power and amazing magnificence that is you! Your creations are mirrors of you!

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