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Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of relationships.

Do you love others? Do you hate others? Do you fear others?

You are the other and the other is you. Do not mistake the feelings aroused in you as the doing of any other outside yourself. You draw to yourself like – resonant; two sides of the same coin. Are you “all good” and they are “all bad”?

From my treeish perspective, I have seen your human energies flow, mesh, repel, push against, pull inward, or rise up blended with the energies of another in shared purpose, or envelop each other with sweet regard. Is your energy dark with worry and pain, or light and colorful with joy? What do you want to experience with others? I am telling you that you get to choose! You are the master of your energies and you don’t have to stay stuck!

All relationships reflect your relationship with your own inner spirit. Are you annoyed, irritated, pissed off, triggered, frustrated by “their” pigheaded, stubborn inability to be who and what you think they should be? Where in you is that same place, that tender spot, that only wants to light of love to shine and your loving acceptance and attention? Soothe and smooth those rough places in you, for no-one else knows the inner heart of you. This is your life’s work.

Do I repeat myself? Get used to it, for I will continue to say what is necessary to your true health and well-being! When you love and accept yourself, all of you, then you are free! Then being with others is not work, or a struggle, a pain, a penance, a drudgery…it is pure joy

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