GCW is watching over you.

GCW is watching over you.

E of central Iowa writes:

Q. My daughter told me that my granddaughter, age 7, was bullied at school. How can we help?

(Betty’s note) If you or someone you know is being bullied with physical abuse such as hitting, pushing, etc, please tell a teacher, parent, or another grown-up that is in charge.

A. Help her find and know and trust her inner power. Help her learn to draw on the source of her being to know her strength and inner guidance. This is not about physical aggression or counter attacks, or who’s bigger, its about an inner sense of focus on knowing her own power and what is right for her.

Being “nice” is a myth!!! Be yourself, more like. Know your feelings. When something feels bad, wrong, icky, say so! Act on the feelings. Stand up and speak out!

Children are disempowered when taught to ignore their inner wisdom; to always be nice, get along, “don’t cry”, “you’re OK”, “don’t feel that way…”

A child who knows and feels and trusts her own power will not be a target! Have this little girl feel the powerful sun inside of her at the solar plexus. Have her breathe into it and make the sun get larger and larger until it is filling her to the brim. Now have her pretend to be a super hero. Make up a fun superhero name like “Amazing Amy” or “Power Katie”. You can think of many good ones! Have them practice the words and voice that are right for them to use with the bully while feeling and knowing their power.

Super heroes need no super weapons, they need to simply activate the power within them that has always been there. This is the power of the inner spirit, rooted to the earth and stretching to the heavens, shining with full intensity!

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