Peace and power

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterfly

GCW speaks of peace and power

Peace is not out there or somewhere else. Each of you has within you the capacity to be peace – to be calm, happy, balanced and harmonious. Peace is reflected from the inner heart and soul of you and all others into the web of all things. If you don’t like what you see in the world, look inside yourself. Seek peace within your own soul, heart body, and mind. All begins within you.

Let this be your practice. Go inward and shine a light of love on the places you have hated and rejected. (Only humans do this! It is time to unlearn this self hate you seem so attached to!) In this way you create more light. Do not say “…but what about…?” or “Look at what they’re doing…”. This casts attention away from your circle of influence and accomplishes nothing!

Take your power seriously! You have great power within the physical container that is you! I wish all humans to know this truth and live it! You are creating the world from the inside heart, soul and mind of you. To heal the world as so many of you wish to do, you must first heal your own hearts. Face the hurts that you carry, learn from them, let them go when you are ready, like the effortless release of autumn leaves.

You are amazing and powerful. Step up to your power and allow it to flow forth from every cell and particle of your being! I mean it! I must continue to repeat this. True power does not come from a gun, or a tough demeanor, or a fancy car, or high powered job, large back account or huge house. It comes from the light within you. You are made of light. Feel it, know it, live it!

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