How many children will I have?

2015-07-04 10.18.47

N of Central Iowa asks:

How many children will I have?

My dear N,

You have the loving all-encompassing heart of a mother. Your sweet energy emanates from the heart of you and encircles all those around you in the energies of pure love. You have so much to give and you wish to give it! In the giving the love circles back to you, for the giver and receiver are one.

GCW cannot, will not predict your future for you, for you have before you many choices, many paths, many probabilities. You are free to choose, to change your mind, to take the alternative route. However, know that at this time in this place, there is a probability of you with three children. I see you with these beloved children and a bright shining countenance, loving beyond all you have known before, the moments you share. Your aura envelops and allows your precious ones to grow and become and thrive in the sweet light of your heart.

You need do nothing to make this happen. If you are struggling or pushing for what you want, let that go. Simply allow your love to flow, allow your heart to sing, allow yourself to feel fully, allow yourself to feel the perfection of each moment of your life.

Blessings to you and your growing family!

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