Spreading warmth

Golden cottonwood leaves

Golden cottonwood leaves

L of Ames, Iowa wonders:

Q. As fall approaches and your leaves fall, what is the best way to spread warmth?

A. My dear L, you are a source of warmth yourself. The beauty of you when you allow yourself to shine fully is like a pure candle flame, drawing from the darkness others who will learn to shine and glow from you.

Keep your flame burning. Tend it wisely. Honor it! All of those who allow full power, full brightness of their light create a network of love the beauty of which you cannot imagine! Know your beauty! Tend your flame! That is your true work. Without effort, you spread the light and the warmth you speak of.

You are not here to rescue anyone or make something happen. You are here to be fully and completely yourself; and in so doing, the web of all things is enlightened, blessed, and warmed.

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