One time the two-legged one went on a plane trip during a late winter storm. On the ground dense clouds blanketed the sky and high winds blew icy shards of snow. Within minutes after taking off, the plane broke through the cloud layer to an ocean of sunlight and crystal clear air.


Late winter storm clouds

My dears, do you ever simply relax into the blue sky of your mind? It lies beyond the clouds, the storms and turbulence of your habitual thoughts and worries; the ever whirling tapes that continue to play and rewind, play and rewind.

This ocean of light is always available to you. Know it and trust that no matter how bleak the storm you can find the clarity and light that lies above and beyond it.

This light is the backdrop, the foundation of all that is. This is the still quiet sky-mind. It is beyond language, beyond thought, beyond feeling. It is simply the basis of your being.

Find this place within yourself in meditation. If meditation makes you crazy, focus on your breathing. Begin easily, focusing on your breath for five seconds, then build up to 10, 15, 30 seconds. Soon you will be able to let your attention rest on your breath for minutes at a time. As you take in and release air, know that you are one with all living things on this planet.

If your attention is hijacked by feelings or thoughts acknowledge them like clouds rolling across a blue sky and return to your breath. Your thoughts and feelings are not you, do not define you, but are simply moving energy. Like every storm they will pass and the sky will clear.


2 thoughts on “Sky-mind

    • So true! You don’t have to sit for hours every day for meditation to make a positive difference in your life.
      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate hearing from GCW’s readers.

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