We are all on the same team!

We quiet rooted ones have more influence on your lives than you could ever dream of. We shade and cool this planet. We hold the soil with our roots, we clean the air and water, we feed and clothe you. We shelter and protect you. We link you to the earth and the heavens.

DSCN3141 (480x640)

Shaded woodland with nettles

We are not flashy or loud or in your face. We do not beg for attention, yet we are an integral part of this world. A vital link in the chain of life.

I ask you all to tune in to the quiet frequencies of your rooted neighbors to breathe your thanks and appreciation for our contributions to you quality of life.

As we growing things prosper and grow and thrive, so do you, and all creatures. Our energies are interwoven in the magnificent web of all that is.

For those who would push us aside with a bulldozer, an earth mover, or cut us back with a weed whacker, a chain saw; level vast stretches of forest and destroy our living soil and roots with your heavy equipment, you show your misunderstanding of the web in which all things are one.

You have no choice! All living creatures, all things seen and unseen depend on each other! We are all on the same team, so to speak.

Take this to heart. Know this in every cell of your being and live in harmony with mother earth.

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