You reflect the universe

Within each living thing is a reflection of the entire universe. You are brilliant! You are a miracle! You are a reflection of all that is – And all that is is delightful, magnificent, and ever expanding.

DSCN3152 (480x640)

Hosta in blossom

All that is is great and abiding love. At our core we are the energy of love. Expansive, all encompassing.

It is common for humans in your culture to forget this most basic fact of life. We – all living things are animated an fueled by love! It is the foundation of our existence.

Those who turn away from this fundamental truth need not fear, for they too are supported, permeated and uplifted by this life force you call love.

Life in a human body on planet earth is about rediscovering your origins. Discover your basic make up deep within – the particles, the energy of love!

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