True power

Those who would hurt others and use ugly words to describe those unlike them might seem tough and strong. They might give a sense of being powerful. They might attract followers. Yet they rip into the web of life with their hurtful words and actions, creating chaos, pain and destruction.


Dead tree

They create chaos, then ask you to trust them because it is so chaotic.

They plant seeds of fear in your mind, then feed off your fear.

They tell you others are not to be trusted, then stab you in the back.

Those who would do this are great deceivers. Most of all, they deceive themselves into believing that harsh words and a tough demeanor and a boatload of money and a big gun = power.

True power does not come through striking fear in others or talking tough or yelling louder.  It comes through knowing the quiet truth of the heart and spirit within you and living by that truth, no matter what!

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