You are the master weaver

Each living creature on earth weaves a web or tapestry of energy with thoughts feelings, actions and emotions, by simply being alive. Each individual web then overlaps and interacts with others, forming a greater web, a magnificent and intricate weaving that unites all things.


Interlacing branches

You are the master weaver- the powerful artisan creating the patterns and vibrancy of your energy fabric.

You can learn to master your own energy. Make it colorful, make it clear, make it vibrant! Where you feel fear or dread, transmute these threads of emotion by loving attention and reweave the fabric with courage, with love and acceptance. Where it is clouded, make it open; where it is dull, make it brighter; where it is obscure, make it clear.

Simply attending to your own personal tapestry creates waves of healing and waves of clarity that radiate from you and affect the greater web of all things.

Do not underestimate your power to help create a magnificent, healthy, and peaceful earth!

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