Lessons for a tree whisperer



C of Urbandale, Iowa asks:

Q. Is the red oak in my back yard dead? I planted it a year ago.

A. Dear C, I will not tell you because then you would not discover your gifts as a tree and plant whisperer. You must discern this for yourself. Get yourself into a quiet state. Put your hands on your heart and breathe deeply. Let your awareness come into your body. Release thoughts.

Now stand near the tree and touch it if you like. Ask the question and allow the energy of the tree to answer you. You may hear words, see pictures, or simply know the truth deep within you. You may feel an emotion or feeling in your body.

Do this with other trees and garden plants near your home and the soil and grasses. Practice! All these living beings have tales to tell that will amaze and delight you! You must drop all doubt and skepticism, all fear of being seen as a kook or nut case. Those who label you have not the exquisite sensitivity, are not attuned to the frequencies of earth and plant spirits as you are!

Trust yourself! Practice your superpower! Enjoy

What can I learn?

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J of Ames, Iowa asks:

Q. What can I learn from you?

A. Can a lively woman full of energy, vigor, curiosity, passion and excitement for life learn from a tree? (I delight in my observation of you and your sparkling energy!)

I say yes! We can all learn from each other in this planet in which energies of every living thing are interwoven. All energies are one in the great web of all that is.

We appear so different. Those that classify and label things with your scientific accuracy, class you, a human woman, and me, a cottonwood tree at different ends of the spectrum of life forms – different branches on the cottonwood tree of life, so to speak. But we are both made of energy, energy that overlaps, interplays, affects the other.

Can you slow down enough- can you learn to tune into the tree energy  of who I am? Can you feel the joy with which I exist? Can you feel the delight, the exuberance of my being as I reach for the sun with my branches and the core of the earth with my roots? Can you learn to tune into and communicate on a new frequency? Can you open to this foreign and perhaps woo woo experience? You will have the entire population of trees at your back as you do your powerful healing work.

Powerful energy and powerful new knowledge will flow through you. It will not take the form of words or thoughts. It will take the form of feelings and sensations and the flow of new energies.

You are a life long learner, and you will never be done learning, no matter how many lifetimes you live. Welcome to a new dimension for your exploration!

Do trees heal?

Tree as healer

Tree as healer

D of Ames Iowa asks:

Q. Do trees help heal people?

A. Our energy is beneficial to you! Do you not feel better after hugging us, laying in our shade, climbing among our branches, walking nearby, watching the shifting patterns of sun and shade beneath our canopies, and swinging from a tree swing?

Our energy is powerfully aligned with earth and heaven. We stretch toward our sun, the source of nourishment and allow our roots to be pulled deep into the rich dark earth without the holding back, hiding, embarrassment, or fear that hold humans from their true power. When you come near us you are bathed in this delightful life giving, powerful energy. Many of you sensitive enough can feel this energy.

We do not pluck those in need of tree energy from the crowd and force a healing on them. We simply are who we are and whoever is drawn near benefits from the power that emanates from us without effort; simply by trees fulfilling our life purpose- to grow from our seeds and be who we are.

You may purposely align with our roots and trunk and crown. Breathe with us, feel the stretch in your middle as you lift your spine and head toward the sun and allow your roots to be pulled into the earth as if by a magnet. Merge your energies with us for awhile. Feel what we feel and know what we know. We are your friends. Feel it! Feel our love!

Allow the energies of your being to flow joyously, freely, happily! We love you humans and all living things. We delight in you!

Limited life span



Betty writes:

Dear, Dear Grandmother Cottonwood, you have many broken branches and your crown is thinning. I dread to think of the end of your days some time soon.

My life force is strong and powerful as ever! I take delight in this existence, even more so, perhaps than a young sapling, for I have know all seasons, all weathers, all phases of growth and life. And still I delight, I take great pleasure in the sunlight feeding my shimmering crown, my magnificent structure, my admirable covering of thick back, protecting the soft heartwood of me. I delight in all creatures of the prairie and creek fringe that call this neighborhood home- the shiny black noisy crow, the fox, the vulture, the snake, the grasses, the milkweed, the mullein, the flying things with glassy or colorful wings that lift off and surrender their gossamer light bodies to the breeze.

Life! To be alive is my delight. To be the tallest among the community of trees and shelter all comers- this life feeds my soul and satisfies the deepest roots and heart of my being.

Even as you observe and worry about my age and my limited lifespan, I simply reach for the open sky and the core of the earth as is my reason for being. I am good at what I do!!! Until death comes, I delight in being fully alive! I take no notice of your human worry about what has not yet come to pass! Fretting, frowning, stopping up your hearts and blocking of your flow! That does not become you!

Trees like me, and all creatures live in the ever present now.  You can do it too!

GCW’s life story

Grandmother Cottonwood

Grandmother Cottonwood

Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of her life as a tree.

The creek was much closer to my chosen place so long ago when what I knew was to fly on the breeze. I began as a tiny windblown seed that was carried to this precise place at the right time for my beginnings. All that a seed needed was here. Abundant rain, deep soil, the daily wheel of the sun blessing my growing with warmth and light. My seed knew it was home.

The unfolding of life began within my tiny seed before there were outward signs- silent unseen stirrings! (Life will not be denied or suppressed. It must have its way.) Roots being pulled as if by a magnet, uncoiling from deep within the blueprint of being that has served my magnificent ancestors for millennia. Then the great unfolding toward the light, always pulled toward the light, stretching between my two poles, the sun, giver of light above and the deep sustenance of the earthy soil below.

Each year after the season of rest, I grew taller, firmer, sturdier in my roots, broader, my woody bark growing denser and thicker. I began life with two tender leaves, and now I have countless leaves upon my crown each shaped like your symbol for the heart. See how much I love this life!!

Many creatures gathered around me as the years increased. Barred owl, dragonfly, squirrel, deer, vulture, field-mouse, tree-frog, all manner of songbirds and insects, spider, grasses, mullein, milkweed, willow, cockle-burr, thistle, violets, black-eyed susan, sycamore, oak, thorny locust. We are a community of life, our energies and forms interwoven with the ebb and flow of sunshine, shadow, moonlight, starshine, sudden driving rains, glorious heavenly blue skies. We feed each other, we shelter and sustain our web in this magnificent dance you call life.

I delight in my place here in this web of infinite beauty. I am one with all things.


Grandmother Cottonwood, summer moss

Grandmother Cottonwood, summer moss


Grandmother Cottonwood speaks of being.

For a tree, being is life.  All that occurs unfolds in the proper timing and season with no effort, no pushing no trying, no struggle.  My beingness is tuned intimately to the web of all things. The tiniest flicker of a spider’s leg as it spins it web, the insect eggs laid on my leaves waiting for their beingness to unfold are all know to me. I delight in my tree-ness!  The leaves of my crown shimmer with joy and I revel in this indescribable beauty!  Shifting patterns of dark and light flicker on my trunk and the earth at my rooty feet.  The shimmer of a cottonwood leaf sets the web of life singing!

Have you tuned in to the beingness that is your deepest self? Beneath the surface trappings, below the energy of thought, deep within your core, at your heartwood, lies the essence of you. You are this from lifetime to lifetime, beyond all measurement, beyond all death and decay. Nothing can alter your beingness!

Take a moment each day to feel and know this invisible indestructible, magnificent, infinite beingness, the foundation and roots of who you are in this lifetime! Let your leaves shimmer with joy!


Pure joy!

Pure joy!

GCW speaks of joy:

You humans with your two strong legs, your powerful voices, your beating hearts, your exquisite hands, arms, elbows, shoulders, your graceful flowing movements, your smooth supple skin a tree like me can only dream of… your language, your nuance of tone and inflection, your impossibly beautiful music – You are magnificent creatures!

I see your beautiful energies interweave, intermingle, create new patterns and colors as you come together- even two strangers meeting on the path beneath my branches create fascinating never-been seen-before patterns of energy (and you think they didn’t even notice you).

All is energy. When it flows freely you feel joy; you become joy – you are lit up like the night sky studded with countless stars and a full moon, you are deep and infinite. You feel expansive as though you are one with all things, (and you are) and this feeling expands through your body moving every cell of your being to dance, to sing, to create effortlessly in the way most suited to your individual natures.

When you hold yourself apart from this flow, it is like beaching yourself on a sandbar, or to become a stone submerged deep at the bottom of a stream bed. But everything in this oneness affects everything else and the current will rise in flood and sweep the sandbar clean, or wear away the stone, releasing each particle again to dance upon the current of life in the endless cycle of creation and re-creation.

Let your energies sing as they are meat to! You are a vital part of all that is. You are meant to shine brightly and freely. It is time to cast off the clouds that dim your light and reach toward the sun! Your light is an integral part of this oneness we call life.

Shiny blinking objects

Grandmother Cottonwood, evening sunlight

Grandmother Cottonwood, evening sunlight

A of Ames Iowa wants to know;

Q. How can we invite more people to lie under your shade, to play around your trunk instead of being so tethered to technology?

A. What do you want for your yourself and your children? Rootedness in their place in the magnificent web of creation? A heart felt connection to the pulse of the planet, happy hours, soul satisfying hours spent climbing and communing with tree spirits, blowing grasses, blooming violets, jewel like birds, rushing waters, crawling creatures going about their business letting life flow through them, never questioning their place, knowing they belong to the magnificent ball of metal, rock and earth that is held together by the energies of pure love? This is the gift you give your children when you let them play outside, and to yourself when you “unplug” and let nature teach, soothe and refresh you.

The 2 legged one has heard over and over that technology is now an integral part of children’s lives. Is this so because you want it to be so? If you do not want it to be so, then find a new way. Use new words, use your power of choice.

When you plop a shiny blinking thing in a child’s field of vision, it sucks up all the attention; all the focus; forces their brain onto a narrow band which many humans prize above all else. Is this what you want? They do not realize the enormity, the vastness of all that is lost when the brain is focused in such a way for long stretches of time. You are in danger of making yourselves small, of building little boxes that shut out the universe inside each of you for the sake of mass addiction to the newest shiny thing.

Play outside more. Leave the shiny things with screens inside. Use them only at certain times of the day. Open your awareness to the song that life sings through you that is vastly larger and more complex and fascinating and soul satisfying than anything you can buy in a store.

Urban practices part 2

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A wild place in the city

J of Ames Iowa wants to know:

Q. What urban practices (for example, having grass yards) would you like to see stopped?

Betty’s note: GCW has provided two answers to this question. The first answer appeared in the post of May 2, 2015.

A. I feel the heartstrings of all that is break when humans bulldoze the land, scraping away rich topsoil, abundant life forms, knocking over perfectly sound trees, change the lay of the land, the flow of water that has established itself through the wisdom of the web of life and eons of shifting wind, weather, climate upheavals, glaciers, storms earthquakes and lightning. FOR WHAT?

Establishing your own rules independent of the web of life, thinking your mind is wiser and smarter than the heart and soul of nature… this is a fiction some humans persist in believing! Learn to build your homes and conduct your commerce in harmony with all that is. Release the illusion that you are in control of nature, for nothing is farther from the truth.

Why are you here on this planet? What thinking, what feelings cause this obsession with what you think of as “perfection” but is in reality a perversion, a despoiling? You have detached yourselves from the web of life! This is not sustainable! You are trying to live separately and create your own rules for a system that has been perfectly balanced for eons before you came and will outlast your species on this planet. This is a symptom of ceasing to listen to the whisper, the soft music of the soil, the air, the growing things, of the sweet earth to which you belong.

I ask you to find another way. You each have within you deep knowing of what is needed to create amazing beauty and work hand in hand with nature in all her ways. Tune in to your hearts. Tune into the frequency of the magnificent web in which all things are one and learn to live in harmony. Then if you still must register a “win” on your scorecard, all that is wins too!

Grass yards

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J of Ames Iowa wants to know:

Q. What urban practices (for example, having grass yards) would you like to see stopped?

Betty’s note: GCW has provided two answers to this question. The second answer will appear in the next post.

A. Having a simple plot of grass harms no-one. It is harmful to the web when only grass, only a particular look, feel and texture (a fictional carpet of green) is valued above all else – when all out chemical warfare is waged on all that is not-grass. This achieves a look and texture that has nothing to do with nature’s intention.

To achieve what some think of as perfection, foreign substances are introduced that poison the water and harm the life of the soil. Must humans wage constant war? If not with other humans, then with growing things; if not with growing things, then with drugs; if not with drugs, then with ideas you don’t like…or the weather… Are you not exhausted from this constant fighting and pushing against what is?

Nature is a balanced web of diverse life-forms thriving together. Those who want the “look” might as well throw a synthetic carpet of green over the soil as some have done! Do not try this at home! This practice cheapens the miraculous process of life – deeply complex and beautiful and joyous, into nothing but surface appearance. I am here to tell you to look and feel beneath the surface of things. Slow down and feel with your hearts, listen with your entire being to the miracle of life on this magnificent planet! Learn to work in harmony with the web in which all things are one, for you too are a integral part of this glorious universe!